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In times of crisis, you can rely on our global network to offer you fully-furnished, serviced workspaces in as little as four hours. Allowing your business to recover and carry on as usual.


  • Low riskImmediate availability
  • LanguageThousands of locations worldwide
  • 24 hour accessSpaces available 24/7
  • TeamsA dedicated support team
  • Office SpaceAccess to private office space or coworking

What’s round the corner?

  • EmergencyAs a business, you can be interrupted by unexpected events beyond your control. Everything from natural disasters like wild fires or freak weather, to political unrest, curfews or protests.
  • SupportBy having Workplace Recovery in place, we can be there when you need us so you can stay focused on your business and minimise disruption.
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Expecting the unexpected.

  • flexibleNo two businesses are the same and planning for the unexpected will likely require different levels of provision depending on your unique set-up and working patterns.
  • EnterpriseWhoever you’re supporting, we can provide everything from working-from-home solutions, to temporary coworking spaces – getting critical office sites back up and running as quickly as possible.

Hit the ground running with IWG.

  • GlobalThe unrivalled scale of our global network means we’re able to offer thousands of workspace locations in every major city and transport hub worldwide.
  • SolutionsWe also offer the reassurance of secure, ready-to-use IT infrastructure and on-site support teams to help with the smoothest possible recovery.

Workspace recovery plans. Support levels to reflect your teams.



This offers a fully-equipped, private office space and access to meeting rooms and lounges, all available in one business day and to use for up to 30 days per year. This is recommended for 20% of your team.



This includes a private workspace with secure IT infrastructure – recommended for the vital 1% of your team. It’s available immediately, for an unlimited number of days per year and reserved 24/7.



An ad-hoc, emergency, on-demand workspace readily available at thousands of locations for any of your team who may require it. Usage is unlimited and covers coworking and office spaces.

Complex needs. Simple solutions.

  • scaleWorkplace recovery management can be complex, requiring planning at a number of different levels.
  • callbackOur experienced advisers are ready to help you find a solution today. If you have further questions about our workplace recovery plans, please contact one of our team.

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