Hybrid Implementation

We’ll help you navigate the new world of work.

We've made it easier to embrace the hybrid way of working. Using a six step consultative process we can help you find a unique solution tailored around your businesses working patterns, with the flexibility to adjust as your needs change.

Our solutions are designed to support every workstyle in your organisation.

Hybrid worker

Hybrid worker

  • checkWorks at number of locations, home, office and satellite
  • checkSpends less time commuting
  • checkDrops into professional offices occasionally
Home worker

Home worker

  • checkWorks from a home office
  • checkRequires good IT and technological support
  • checkNeeds an office from time-to-time to work and meet
Travelling worker

Travelling worker

  • checkMostly on the road.
  • checkDrops into an office for work and meetings
  • checkNeeds good call forwarding and IT support
Office worker

Office worker

  • checkMostly works at an office
  • checkNeeds comfortable offices with ergonomic furniture
  • checkRequires comfortable, clean well maintained spaces
Occasional office worker

Occasional office worker

  • checkMostly works at home
  • checkRequires meeting rooms and offices on an ad hoc basis
  • checkRelies on professional office and support
Project team

Project team

  • checkCollaborates with others in different locations
  • checkNeeds meeting rooms to work with other team members from time-to-time
  • checkRequires good IT and technological back-up
Remote worker

Remote worker

  • checkMainly works away from the office
  • checkOccasionally requires flexible office space
  • checkRelies on call forwarding and good IT support

You’re 6 steps away from the right solution.

We'll lead you through our consultative process and show how we can apply our expertise, products and services to your business.

First, choose your preferred workstyle.

    Next, we help design your solution.

      Agree on your solution, coverage, term and price.

        All good? Sign today, start tomorrow.

          Now it’s time to configure your IT services.

            Change, move transfer and scale up as you need.

              Case Study


              NTT were looking for a workspace partner with the right culture and values, who could help them redefine a real estate strategy for the post-pandemic era. IWG provided a solution that helped NTT deliver the right flexible coworking spaces for their business on a global scale.

              63% of high growth companies already work the hybrid way*

              • Think hybridMore companies have recognised that the new world of work boosts employee happiness while helping the environment.
              • Think hybridAt the same time, flexible working increases productivity and allows your business to scale up, or down, as it requires.
              Think hybrid

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                The office provides great facilities. It’s 24/7 accessible so it accommodates various working patterns.

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