Think hybrid

Think hybrid


Forget everything you knew about the world of work...

...and discover more about the flexible working shift that’s underway. We have a collection of great content about hybrid working including inspiring articles, IWG white papers and customer case studies. So read on and find out more.

Hybrid works
for people

Hybrid working has been proven to be a major boost to happiness and wellbeing. To shed light on the positive impact of hybrid work, we undertake extensive research and regularly write articles and white papers. Find featured content below or click through for all the news on how hybrid is better for your people.

The Female Factor finds its home

The Female Factor is a global community working to close the gender gap in corporate leadership. Recently they managed to find a cultural fit within IWG’s Spaces network. We caught up with with co-founder and co-CEO, Mahdis Gharaei to see how the organisation is embracing the hybrid world of work.
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Work From Anywhere

Discover where the digital nomads will be heading to in 2024 in order to expand their horizons. IWG’s exclusive study discovers the cities around the world that offer the best mix of high-quality places to work, affordability and memorable cultural and leisure activities.
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Hybrid is a happier, healthier way to work. And that’s a fact.

Hybrid works
for the planet

Hybrid working is the more sustainable way of working, with lower carbon emissions, and less commuting. It’s more attractive to employees and clients alike, and is good for local communities. Read on for our latest articles.

A dramatic reduction in carbon emissions

Recent research by IWG and Arup into work-related carbon emissions vividly demonstrates the environmental benefits of the hybrid model and how it offers the possibility of a cleaner, brighter future. Read about the findings here.
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The world’s greenest workspace

Not only does hybrid work encourage more sustainable practices, many of the buildings facilitating the movement are leading the way in green initiatives. Here, we take a look at some of the most innovative IWG workspaces across the world right now.
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The demand for eco-friendly offices

Businesses are on the hunt for eco-friendly flexible workspace - it can help them reach ESG targets, give cost savings and help to attract new clients. Find out how.
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Discover how hybrid contributes towards greener working.

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Hybrid. It’s a no-brainer.

More people than ever want to work the hybrid way. Watch our film to discover more.

Hybrid works to reduce costs

The future of work is more profitable than it ever was. Because hybrid working is driving lower office costs and fostering greater productivity than ever before. Read our latest articles on why a switch to hybrid can drive dividends for companies and workers alike.

Reaping the hybrid bonus

Hybrid is what employees want, but it also brings numerous benefits to businesses. We look at three corporations who’ve already embraced the hybrid model and the advantages they’ve gained by doing so.
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How to cut your office space

Data released by commercial real estate experts Knight Frank confirms what we already know: there’s a revolution underway in commercial real estate. How can property owners, landlords and investors make the most of the increasing demand for flexspace?
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82% of CFOs believe that hybrid is a more affordable business model. Find out why.

The indispensible guide to hybrid

Looking for more insights, as well as a comprehensive guide to IWG’s hybrid workspace solutions? You’ll find it all in our 2024 brochure.

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