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Workspace solutions for the new world of work.

We’ve made it our mission to help millions of people have a great day at work. How we do this is by developing a range of workspace solutions and services that allow for greater flexibility. Offering more choice and unrivalled access to the hybrid world of work.
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Helping millions enjoy the benefits of hybrid working.

The world of work is changing. The old 9-5 model is over, with working from home, working from a hub, or working on-the-go replacing it as the new normal. IWG is here to help you fully embrace this flexible, greener and more productive way of working.

Office Space of all sizes.

  • calendarWhatever the size of your team, from individuals to entire organisations, we have workspaces to accommodate you.
  • flexibleNeed an office that’s uniquely yours? We’ve made it simple to personalise your space to reflect your brand and culture.
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Connect with our Coworking offices.

  • calendarWant to get the team together? Our vibrant coworking spaces provide the perfect social and collaborative environment for them.
  • flexibleYou can choose from any number of locations globally, near your home, your colleagues or clients.

Meeting Rooms to meet your needs.

  • calendarWe can provide comfortable, convenient meeting spaces whenever you need them, in thousands of locations worldwide.
  • flexibleThese are available from as little as one hour or as part of a membership, with optional on-site catering and support.

Virtual office, real presence.

  • flexibleThere will be times when you’ll need a professional business address or require a physical presence in another country.
  • flexibleWe can offer all this, plus handle your incoming mail and calls, and provide access to meeting rooms at this address when you require them.

Membership with benefits.

  • calendarOur memberships offer the chance for you and your team to work with complete freedom. Where and when you choose.
  • flexibleWhichever membership you select - business lounge, coworking, office or collaborative, one subscription opens the door to thousands of locations.

Workplace Recovery plans.

  • calendarWhether you’re facing a crisis or need to manage risk, we’ve got workplace recovery space to keep your business running.
  • flexibleWe provide, fully-supported, move-in-ready workspaces in as little as four hours, so your business can stay productive and minimise disruption.

Case Study


NTT were looking for a workspace partner with the right culture and values, who could help them redefine a real estate strategy for the post-pandemic era. IWG provided a solution that helped NTT deliver the right flexible coworking spaces for their business on a global scale.

Four global brands to cover all your needs.

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