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Hybrid working means lower office costs and higher productivity.

The future of work can be more profitable. 

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How to profit from
hybrid working

From a lower real-estate footprint, to lower operating costs and a noticeable uplift in productivity. Hybrid working brings numerous benefits to companies. Read on to discover new research and articles to support this.

Three hybrid success stories

We look at three corporations who’ve embraced the hybrid working model and the advantages they’ve gained by doing so.
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Cutting office space is the future

There’s a revolution underway in commercial real estate. But how can property owners, landlords and investors make the most of the increasing demand for flexible workspace?
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“Hybrid working can save organisations an average of more than £9000 per employee per year.”

Mark Dixon,

Founder and CEO, International Workplace Group plc

The future’s bright - and hybrid

More companies than ever are future-proofing their operations with a move to flexible workspaces. The latest news reveals the many advantages for companies - and building owners - alike.

Why businesses are diversifying workspaces

As companies diversify their property portfolios to include more flexible spaces alongside their downsized central offices, where do the opportunities lie for commercial real estate brokers?
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How to future-proof your company

The shifting social, economic, and political landscape presents challenges for businesses. To keep a competitive edge and future-proof their operations, is embracing hybrid working practices the answer?
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Capitalising on the hybrid demand

Hybrid working continues to increase in popularity worldwide. For building owners and investors, partnering with IWG is the smart way to capitalise on the growing demand for flexible workspace.
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Unlock the power of hybrid working

83% of businesses say the hybrid way boosts productivity. Watch our film to discover more.

How business will work better in 2024

Our workspace solutions cover offices, meeting rooms, coworking spaces and virtual offices and memberships.
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Hybrid working with IWG isn’t just better for the bottom line. Thanks to carbon-neutral workspaces and lower emissions it offers tangible advantages for the planet.
Read on to discover more expert analyses.
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