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Why hybrid working is a win-win for health and productivity

Discover our series of articles which illustrate the role of hybrid working in fostering a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.
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Why hybrid working
is so popular

It seems that there’s a science behind the popularity of hybrid working. Measurable benefits in productivity, with employees exercising more, sleeping longer, eating better, and reporting better mental health.

The happy middle ground for workers

While the media reports on ‘return-to-office wars’ between employers and workers, there’s no need to get stuck in a stalemate. Hybrid work offers a better way, that benefits company and workers alike.
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Happy workers are productive workers

A happy workforce is a more productive workforce – that’s the key finding of a study by Warwick University. Businesses can harness this boost by investing in employee well-being; adopting the hybrid model is a great way to do so.
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Hybrid working offers businesses an easy way to put their employees first.

Working the hybrid way frees up their time and gives them greater control over their schedules. As a result, organisations that have adopted hybrid working are seeing more engaged and productive teams.
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What really moves today’s workforce?

Hybrid work is a talent magnet for young and older workers alike. And it’s causing a demographic shift from city to suburbs on an unprecedented scale. Discover why in our dedicated series of articles below.

Attracting older talent

As labour shortages loom and birth rates decline, businesses increasingly need to look to age diversity – complimenting the dynamism of younger generations with the seasoned wisdom of older workers. We look at strategies business leaders can adopt to attract and retain more senior talent.
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The hybrid migration

The flexibility of the hybrid paradigm is leading people to re-evaluate where they want to base their lives, and causing a movement towards the suburbs. We look at why migration patterns have changed and may continue to change in the future.
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Five tips to master hybrid

Professor Nicholas Bloom, a leading independent expert on hybrid working, shares practical insights that can help your business thrive in today's evolving workplace environment. Here are five crucial steps to excel at hybrid working in your organisation.
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The indispensible guide to hybrid

Looking for more insights, as well as a comprehensive guide to IWG’s hybrid workspace solutions? You’ll find it all in our 2024 brochure.


Hybrid working is the more sustainable way of working, with lower carbon emissions, and less commuting. It also has less impact on local communities and is attractive to employees and clients alike. Check out some of our latest articles here:
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