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Hybrid works for the planet

Hybrid working is a significant step towards a sustainable future for all

The latest news and research shows that working the hybrid way reduces emissions and makes companies more attractive to prospective staff. Read on for more inspiring articles and case studies, all regularly updated.

Why hybrid working
is greener

Hybrid working brings with it tangible advantages for the planet. From greener, carbon-zero workspaces to reduced commuting and emissions. The articles below offer the latest news about why hybrid offers a more sustainable future.

Workspaces driving a sustainable future

Hybrid encourages more sustainable practices, and many of our buildings lead the way in green initiatives. Learn more about some of IWG’s most innovative workspaces across the world.
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Why businesses are embracing green offices

Businesses are on the hunt for eco-friendly flexible workspace - it can help them reach ESG targets, give cost savings and help to attract new clients. Find out how.
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New research into work-related carbon emissions reveals the environmental benefits of the hybrid model and how it offers a cleaner, brighter future.

Six cities across the UK and US were examined for the report including London, Manchester and Glasgow, as well as Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York City.

A greener and more responsible future

We can all play a role in helping to create a sustainable future. But what can we do at a company level to bring this about? Some of the latest expert opinions could have the answer.

Meeting the demand for corporate responsibility

Hybrid working, the pandemic, and an unpredictable political and economic climate, have shown people what really matters – and what they expect from businesses.
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Making office buildings more eco friendly

Property owners, landlords, and commercial real estate investors can help tackle climate change and secure a more profitable future. Here’s how they can do it.
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Meeting the UN’s sustainability goals

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals aim to address economic, social and environmental challenges globally by 2030. How can hybrid help companies contribute to them?
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Three ways we offer a greener future

With our ESG programme, we are changing the future together. Watch our film to discover more.


Hybrid working doesn’t just offer real benefits for the planet. It can also help your company’s bottom line, thanks to lower operating costs and higher productivity. Discover more thought-provoking insights by reading on here:

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