Sustainability is a focus point in every decision we make as a business

We have taken steps to embed sustainability in our capital allocation and long term investment decisions.
To ensure we stay focused as a business, we have introduced IWG’s Centre Sustainability Assessment Framework, designed to:

We have introduced IWG’s Centre Sustainability Assessment Framework


Identify and acquire less-energy intensive buildings that align with our Net Zero trajectory


Monitor criteria such as on-site renewable energy or green building certification, to ensure our investments promote sustainable practices


Identify further opportunities to reduce the energy intensity of our buildings


Evaluate carbon risks and opportunities through internal metrics, to feed into our investment decision-making in line with our wider climate targets


Promote sustainable workspace standards in our building selection, internal fit-out and operations.

Sustainability is embedded into everything we do

We recognise that every one of our 4000+ locations represents a community somewhere in the world and that each location has an opportunity to make a difference day-to-day. To help reduce our operational footprint we have introduced several measures in every location. We encourage sustainable practices at community and operational levels, including:

Establishing an eco-friendly cleaning programme with emphasis on minimising water usage and waste generated.

Operating in multiple countries across IWG’s operations, our recycling stations ensure that wherever possible we are reducing our impact on the environment

We also explore local partnerships by country, for example in the UK we announced the launch of our UK electric vehicle scheme, in partnership with carbon-neutral car leasing company Tusker.

To further encourage uptake of electric vehicles (EV), we are committed to expanding EV charging point availability at our centres

Looking at our supply chain

Part of our plan is to ensure we have a reliable and responsible supply chain for customers, through working with our suppliers to embed sustainability into the value chain.
We are working concurrently with our partners to drive decisions towards low carbon products, sustainable raw materials and low-energy manufacturing processes.
This includes avoiding the use of materials with high carbon intensity and instead using locally sourced materials with high recycled content and innovative low-carbon materials.
Our long-term partnership with strategic suppliers enables the identification of low-carbon products and consolidation of our supply chain to support reductions in logistics related emissions.


We are also committed to ensuring our business activities achieve the highest level of environmental sustainability reducing our impact on natural resources, biodiversity and pollution.
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