what we do

IWG provides a choice of professional, inspiring and collaborative workspaces, communities and services that help people work more productively.

IWG customers can benefit from:

  • Workspaces:
    Fully managed office, co-working and meeting spaces
  • Communities:
    A global community of professionals worldwide
  • Services:
    Workplace recovery and virtual office services

People can access IWG workspaces how they need to:

  • On-demand:
    Pay per use, at any of our locations anywhere in the world
  • Subscription:
    Worldwide multi-tiered network membership with pre-paid usage
  • Fully oursourced:
    Operating partly or entirely from our locations
  • Easy access:
    All with a simple contract and reporting, a dedicated account manager and 24/7
    customer service

Explore our...

  • Workspaces
  • Communities
  • Services
  • Easy access
Right across the world, businesses of all sizes from major corporates to start-ups and one-person operations are finding that the traditional approach to buying or renting workspace is outdated, inefficient and unproductive. IWG is at the forefront of revolutionary change, enabling businesses everywhere to pay only for the space they need, scaling up or down at will and boosting productivity in their choice of stimulating work environment.

Fully managed offices

With no set-up costs or capital investment, customers get rapid access to all the customised space, infrastructure and support they need, all under flexible terms. Our locations enable businesses of every size to turn up and get working.


Individuals and companies can work in a shared office environment in our locations across the world, always with the choice of fully allocated or hot desks. IWG’s approach to co-working delivers customers all the benefits of a full-time office but allows them to pay only for the number of desks they use. Members also get the collaborative benefits of working in a network environment, either with different people from their own company or inspiring new friends from other industries.

Meeting spaces

Almost always, the quality of a meeting depends on the quality of its environment. Our meeting spaces are airy and bright, fully equipped and up-to-the-minute, designed to promote creative thought and accurate decision-making. And, of course, we have spaces across the world, in key locations including airports, railway stations, public buildings and even service stations. So a quality meeting space, with technical and catering support, is never far away

Being part of the IWG global network gives individuals and businesses access to an enormously powerful and varied community of more than 2.5 million professionals across the world. This is more than just a place to belong — it’s the chance to promote themselves and their businesses to one another, delivering shared opportunities for growth that simply do not exist elsewhere.

Networking and knowledge-sharing

We are determined to differentiate ourselves by helping our customers in every way we can. This is why we run monthly networking and knowledge-sharing meetings for them to share ideas, answer questions, compare notes and innovate together. It doesn’t stop there — it’s a way of further enhancing employee morale too, giving them access to an energising environment where they can enrich their work-life experience.

Inspiration and creativity

When like-minded, creative people get together, sparks can fly. Our communities are more than just somewhere to work — they’re loaded with energy and enthusiasm, providing a direct boost to collaboration, original thinking and shaping the future.

With 24/7 customer service and a dedicated account manager supporting every contract, our customers can focus on what really matters to their business. All office amenities, from business-class internet, technical support and reception to cleaning and kitchen services, are set up and ready to use. So every customer has the choice of outsourcing the entire office support portfolio.

Virtual office services

Customers do not even need to rent our space to receive the benefits of working with IWG. Our global address and mail handling service, available through any of our 3,100 locations worldwide, provides them with the instant credibility and prestige that they are looking for. And it is easy for them to expand the service, with a cost-effective upgrade to our 24/7 telephone answering service and access to our global network of drop-in business lounges. A further upgrade additionally allows five days’ use of a private office each month.

24/7 workspace recovery

Following a catastrophic event, IWG customers can keep their businesses going with back-up office space — no matter where they are based. And because our recovery spaces in more than 1,000 towns and cities across the world are in fully operational office buildings, customers can be sure of receiving all the support they need to get their businesses up and running again in the shortest possible time. Businesses of all sizes across the world value the flexibility and peace of mind they gain from our workplace recovery services.

Mobile and digital self-service solutions

Everything about our network is designed to help our customers control their costs, improve productivity and make their lives easier. At the heart of this approach are our apps, streamlining and simplifying every contact — helping them to find and book space, manage their account, register requests and make observations, and engage with our communities. In addition, our commitment to providing a world-class digital infrastructure underpins our customers’ ability to work exactly as they want across the world, using our 60 million wi-fi hotspots and thousands of business lounges to be as productive as they possibly can be.

Easy options for every customer

  • On-demand — pay-per-use in over 1,000 towns and cities worldwide
  • Subscription — membership of our worldwide network, including prepaid usage
  • Semi or fully outsourced — operating partially or entirely from IWG locations
  • With simple contracts and reporting, a dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer service
  • All available immediately wherever required via our mobile apps.

Where we do it

  • IWG companies help millions of people in almost 3,300 locations in over 1,000 towns and cities across more than 110 countries.
  • We employ approximately 10,000 team members globally across every single one of those 3,125 locations.
  • Our group's head office is in Switzerland.