We put sustainability on the agenda

We promote socially and environmentally responsible business conduct.

We endeavour to improve the lives of our stakeholders and their local communities, reduce the risk of harm to people and the environment and provide our customers with sustainable products and services, making our impact a positive one both within and around our business.

Our corporate social responsibility comprises six categories

Workplace, Employee Relations, Health and Safety, Risk Management, Environment and Community.


We strive to incorporate corporate responsibility into all of our activities and adopt the highest standard of excellence in this practice without compromising our excellent service to our customers.

Employee Relations

Our ability to deliver world-class products and service is dependent on a talented, engaged workforce in all of the countries in which we operate. Find out more about our commitment to our team members in the careers section.

Health and Safety

Our health and safety practices and procedures ensure that we provide and strive to consistently maintain a clean, healthy and safe working environment.

Risk Management

Risk management is an essential element of how we run our business and we continuously identify and manage those risks and opportunities that could affect the achievement of our business plans and strategic objectives, our shareholder value, our reputation or the continuance of good corporate governance. Our principal risks are summarised in our Annual Report.


IWG considers the environment at site selection, design, construction and operational stages of our real estate portfolio. We have identified key areas where we are concentrating efforts on minimising environmental impact: carbon footprint, waste, water usage, transport, and procurement.


IWG aims to contribute to community involvement and development through social responsibility on several fronts, living up to our vision of becoming a committed supporter of local communities. Find out more in our Community Investment section.