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Diversify your portfolio and maximize returns by investing in flexible workspace with market leader IWG.

Add growth and stability; future-proof your investment with hybrid

With 88% of organizations instituting hybrid working solutions for their workforce, business leaders are assessing and reducing their traditional office space at an increasing pace.
This presents a pressing opportunity for investors with a portfolio of commercial real-estate; how to future-proof their revenue. For those willing to be ambitious and view flexible workspace as a lead sales product, the rapidly changing market offers diversification and risk mitigation, removing dependence on fewer but larger leases. However without the platform, network, scale, and experience this presents a challenge for commercial investors and developers without the right partner to support them.
As the market leader in flexspace, IWG will use our experience to create a roadmap for your space; building an amenity in your portfolio benefiting you and your tenants, while delivering a premium income in perpetuity, compared to traditional commercial leases.


A proven and ambitious flexible workspace strategy

  • We have a roadmap and a platform to ensure that a flexible workspace will be more than just a utility in your spaces.
  • For over 30 years, we’ve proven that flexible workspaces are a service that can be as valuable as long-term leases and deliver consistently high returns.

Scale up flexible workspace on a global scale

  • To make flexible workspaces work, you need to operate at a scale to generate a return.
  • As well as effective site management, office space needs to be well-designed to maximize square footage, requiring knowledge born of experience.
  • As the global leader in flexible workspaces, no-one else has the experience or expertise to offer a world-wide platform for flexible workspaces.

Consistent and diversified returns

  • We have well-established relationships with 83% of FTSE 500 companies. And with over one million live booking requests, we can ensure your space is occupied from the moment it opens.
  • With over 2,500 sales people globally, we can ensure demand remains high for your flexible workspace. Which means you are less subject to the volatility of a few companies’ commercial real estate strategies.


IWG is the unrivaled global leader in flexible workspace, six times the size of our nearest competitor.

With 14 different brands, an impressive array of support services, and a world-class, end-to-end digital platform for connecting companies to workspace, we’re fully invested in your success.
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Companies are looking to change the way they use real estate, and I believe the shift towards hybrid working is a rich opportunity. IWG, as the market leader, has built the only truly global platform to help you capitalize on this opportunity.

Mark Dixon,

Founder and CEO, International Workplace Group plc

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