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Set up a flexible working space with IWG, and benefit from fast occupancy and a great return on your investment.
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Flexible Workspaces. Less volatility. More occupancy.

Increased volatility has seen demand for traditional office space take a substantial hit. Tenants & occupiers feeling the squeeze are cutting costs by scaling back on conventional office space. This leaves building owners looking at lengthy void periods while they look for new tenants.
In the long-term, the shift towards flexible working will see conventional office occupancy levels fall as businesses require less space, or see traditional office space as an unnecessary outlay.
The good news is, with more businesses turning to hybrid working, IWG can help you turn your traditional office space into profitable, flexible workspace.

You provide the space. We provide the expertise.

Our managed partnership. Leave it to us.

As the world-leader in flexible workspaces, IWG are the perfect partner for property owners who are simply looking to generate revenue & income from a flexible workspace solution in their building. Our managed partnership experts will take care of everything to transform your premises into an IWG flexible workspace and will then handle the operations and management to maximize the potential of the location.
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Want to run a franchise? We’ll get you up and running.

You provide the space. We provide the expertise.
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And it's easier than you might think


We start marketing & selling from the moment you sign. So, there can be income building up from day one.

Quick to convert

With the support of the IWG team, you can be up & running in as little as 10 weeks.

In perpetuity

Enjoy strong, recurring income month on month, year on year, with no lengthy renewals or void periods to manage.

Your success is our success

Maximize the flexible workspace opportunity

Understand the opportunity and process to evolve your space into a flexible workspace. Work with our experts to assess the business opportunity and how it compares to your existing business model. Identify through our demand generation service, the demand for workspace in your area.

We’ll work together to fill your space as rapidly as possible

  • From the moment your contract is signed we activate our demand generation process so you have enquiries building from day one.
  • Achieve high occupancy with our global sales platform, ensuring your space is visible and available to businesses all around the world.

A world-class platform to deliver profitability

  • Reduce your reliance on single leases by running a location that diversifies your income by hosting a variety of businesses.
  • Maximize your space by unlocking additional revenue, selling a range of complimentary products and services.
  • All these factors deliver a high return, in-perpetutity business model with no void periods.

Success Stories

"Absolutely the right way to tackle this sector."

James Wright, WG1 Offices Limited

United Kingdom

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Companies are looking to change the way they use real estate, and I believe the shift towards hybrid working is a rich opportunity. IWG, as the market leader, has built the only truly global platform to help you capitalize on this opportunity.

Mark Dixon,

Founder and CEO, International Workplace Group plc

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