IWG’s Daniel Grimm offers expert advice at ExpoReal in Munich

IWG’s Daniel Grimm offers expert advice at ExpoReal in Munich

Find out about the flexible workspaces of the future with Daniel Grimm.

The world’s leading workspace experts will be converging from 7 to 9 October for the Real Expo in Munich, the international trade fair for property and investment. With the world of work undergoing a revolution, the Real Expo will pull together property professionals and investors from across the globe to explore what the future of workspaces looks like.

IWG’s Daniel Grimm, Development Director Germany, will be on the panel for a discussion looking at the new world of work. “Tenants are increasingly looking to increase the flexibility in their real-estate portfolios. Many large corporates are therefore revisiting the way they look at real estate and moving away from long-term leases, particularly for their secondary locations,” Grimm says.

A growing number of companies are looking into creating a hub-and-spoke model, where only the HQ is rented on a long-term basis, according to Grimm. “Given the high investment required to create modern office space, developers are increasingly challenged to bridge the gap between the duration of their financial obligations and the average duration of respective leases,” he said.

Grimm believes that flexspace operators can help solve that problem, by filling the gap between the needs of corporate tenants and developers with flexible working solutions. He will be one of a panel of speakers that includes experts from leading property groups, discussing how developers and investors are adapting to these changes in working practices and subsequent changes in demand for real estate.

The Real Expo in Munich, Germany, has been running since 1998 and takes place, every October. It will host over 2,000 exhibitors from 35 countries and over 500 experts, with delegates including property consultants and investors, corporate real-estate managers, and architects and planners.

“I firmly believe that traditional offices will remain an important part of the office sector,” Grimm thinks. “However, they will become part of a portfolio of workspace solutions, which will increasingly be tailored to the user’s needs and their individual activities. People will be able to choose their workspace based on their activities and use different workspaces over the course of a day or week.”

As a result, the future is likely to see fewer dedicated offices and a broader mix of offerings, including co-working spaces, flex-desks and other flexspace solutions. IWG has shown that flexible working increases both productivity and profitability, with flexible workspaces very much a growing market.

Employees who participate in flexible working hours or agile working, combining working from home, office and other locations, are more engaged in their work. And fewer hours spent commuting, plus greater independence, leads to better job satisfaction and improved staff retention. That in turn leads to increased productivity, and ultimately increased profits and a healthier bottom line.

By using IWG workspaces, a business only pays for the space it needs, with cost-effective pricing and a dedicated account manager, and can add or reduce workspace when it needs to – without the burden of capital investment.

Grimm adds: “Our customers expect a full-service offering and state-of-the-art technical infrastructure. The role of our community managers and community associates is critical to deliver a satisfactory customer experience, including a highly professional reception and client service.”

He recognises that flexible workspaces must allow for high productivity, by providing high-speed internet, a choice of meeting rooms and space for private conversations that range from phone booths to informal meeting spaces. That, and somewhere you might want to stay a while: “Overall, we need to make our clients feel at home, so that they can focus on their business – everything else, we take care of.”

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