IWG Broker App: the easy way to earn your commission

IWG Broker App: the easy way to earn your commission

Article updated August 20.

Now and again, a friend or colleague recommends a new app you “have” to try. It’s hard to assess how useful a new piece of tech is going to be – and whether it warrants a space your cluttered phone background.

It’s only after the innovation has worked its way into your day-to-day life that you wonder what you used to do without it. And fortunately, the time has come for these tech life hacks to transform the real estate realm.

“Proptech" – technology for the real estate industry – is taking off. All over the world, startups are building technology that is propelling our sector forwards. The processes of buying, renting, letting and selling property are rapidly becoming more digitised. And the everyday operations of agents  and property brokers is about to change dramatically thanks to these new technologies.

IWG has also embraced this technology to ensure it’s providing brokers with the most up to date tools. Designed to create a more seamless experience for brokers and agents around the world, the IWG Broker App was built with the demands and the pace of the twenty-twenties in mind. Available on Android and iPhone, users can perform tasks on-the-go, with all the details about IWG’s flexible office space locations at their fingertips.

The app makes it easier than ever for brokers and agents to submit, track and manage referrals across all IWG brands: Regus, Spaces, No18, HQ and Signature by Regus. 

At the swipe of their smartphone, they can connect clients with flexible workspace across our network, track their referrals and commission payments from their mobiles.

The idea is to remove pain points, overcome bureaucracy and streamline the process of matching clients with the perfect workspace. The app gathers the information that agents need about their ongoing referrals into one place. And it speeds up the time between the moment brokers and agents submit a referral, and the moment they receive their commission.

Brokers and agents are part of IWG’s ecosystem – an extension of the company’s own sales effort. It’s vital for IWG to maintain strong relationships with each of them, by offering as much value as possible. By creating intuitive technology that saves them time and makes their daily working lives more simple, the hope is that they will feel rewarded and recognised – and more empowered to achieve their career goals.

The IWG Broker app was built to create more value for brokers and agents. If you have not done it yet, we invite you to go ahead now, and download the app for iPhone or Android