From flexspace provider to commercial real- estate services firm – a mutually beneficial career switch

From flexspace provider to commercial real- estate services firm – a mutually beneficial career switch

Formerly an IWG director, Carla Meyer’s new role at CBRE bolsters the close collaboration between the two companies

CBRE is one of the world’s largest commercial real-estate and investment-services companies. And for 15 years, the company has worked with IWG to lease new flexible-working locations in 25 US markets.

During this time, Carla Meyer rose through the ranks at IWG’s US sales team to become its Director of Broker Partnerships. She worked closely with CBRE’s Dallas-based team, and built strong relationships with the company’s real-estate brokers – ties that proved instrumental when it came to opening IWG locations on behalf of the company’s corporate clients all over the world.

Meyer’s bond with the CBRE team led to an exciting career opportunity – which completely flipped her perspective in the flexible-office space sector when she was hired to become one of its flexible space advisors. She moved from representing a flexspace provider to representing the brokers seeking the best possible flexspace solutions for CBRE’s clients.

Far from ending her relationship with IWG, Meyer is continuing to work with her original employer while excelling in her new role on the other side of the fence with CBRE. “I wasn’t looking to make a change from my long tenure at IWG, but the opportunity at CBRE came about organically from my long-time relationship with the team,” says Meyer. “I saw this as a new challenge to grow my knowledge in the real-estate industry, as well as continue to improve the business between CBRE and one of its long-term clients.”

Along with her 30 years’ experience and the connections made from working in the flexspace sector, Meyer’s strong relationships with both IWG and CBRE gives her a unique perspective when it comes to the integrating flexspace into clients’ corporate real-estate strategies. The move has given her firsthand insight into how people-centric a broker’s role is. “When explaining what brokers do on a daily basis to a new IWG team member, the point is always made that brokers are in a relationship-building business rather than someone that just leases office space,” says Meyer. “Real estate can be a huge financial investment and long-term commitment, so having a trusted partner who is looking out for your best interests – rather than just closing a deal to collect a commission – is imperative. CBRE’s professionals work hard to earn and grow that trust with each of their clients.”

The flexspace partnership between IWG and CBRE is an organic one, since both parties are leaders in their fields when it comes to serving the needs of corporations. “The CBRE team knows the type of locations and buildings that are the best fit to be successful in these markets, and knows what type of lease IWG will agree to in order to get a transaction completed,” says Meyer. “Our team also makes sure CBRE’s professionals are aware of IWG’s offerings and locations, in case they can fill a need for CBRE’s occupier clients.”

IWG’s global network of 3,500 flexspace locations, its multi-brand proposition catering for different working styles, and its consistently high standards for facilities and services, are huge plus points for occupiers. Whether they’re seeking coworking space or private offices, corporations are increasingly turning to flexspace rather than traditional office space because it lets them upscale or downsize the amount of workspace they are using in line with their business outlook, and opt for shorter lease lengths than conventional office space. “More companies are looking to diversify their portfolio, gain more agility and provide flexibility to employees in where and how they work – and how it is key to attracting and keeping skilled workers,” says Meyer. “The sector has an exciting future.”

Brokers who are sourcing flexible-office space for a client’s portfolio need a flexspace provider who can guarantee solutions, and who has a stable, established business model. “In order to help their clients choose the best path, brokers must be aware of the vast array of available options and understand the differences between the industry providers,” says Meyer. “They need to consider everything from financial stability to standard amenities to size of network. When they recommend a flexible workspace provider, they need to feel comfortable that the client will be taken care of.”

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