Demand rockets for flexspace in Asia

Demand rockets for flexspace in Asia

Spaces is answering the call for attractive, vibrant flexible workspace in major Asian cities 

Asian business hubs such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai have developed beyond recognition over the decades. Theyve grown outwards, their populations have become more transient, and new kinds of industries have been making their imprint on their local landscapes. 

And when a metropolis is overflowing with start-up talent, an ambitious freelance workforce and an endless stream of commuter traffic, the conditions are ripe for a boom in flexible working. 

Static, expensive, conventional workspace with out-of-date facilities simply doesnt align with the aspirations of todays global workforce. That’s why Spaces is making its mark on major Asian cities with its cutting-edge, design-led office space. 

Aside from the practicalities of flexspace, more often than not, it offers an aesthetically pleasing environment. And theres a certain cachet that comes with working somewhere that could be on the cover of a magazine – an eye-catching, well-conceived interior can inspire creative thinking and productivity.  

 Spaces in Asia



Over the past year, Spaces has opened five locations across Hong Kong – each one of them an attractive, buzzing place with high-quality interiors and a well-styled layout. No wonder the South China Morning Post named the Spaces Hennessy Road location in Hong Kong one of the most beautiful luxury co-working spaces on the continent.  

Transforming heritage buildings into co-working hubs with up-to-the-minute facilities is also part of Spaces’ DNA. And the architectural legacy of Asia’s rich history certainly has the scope for this. A classic example is Spaces’ location in Singapore’s creative district, Joo Chiat, which will be housed in a stunning Art Deco-style building when it opens next year.  

This sheer size of Asian metropolises has allowed Spaces to expand into different corners of a city to accommodate different clientele – and shorten the commute times for as many residents as possible. For example, Spaces Infinitus – the brand’s fourth location in Shanghai – opened recently at the edge of the car-free entertainment district of Xintiandi, occupying the sleek 26th and 27th floors of Infinitus Tower. 

Spaces’ role in driving flexible working forwards across Asia has been recognised, as the brand is being invited to attend continental conferences centred on innovation and social change.  

These include the 2019 Shanghai Asia Technology Industry Conference (MWC), where Spaces was asked to speak about the next generation of office space, and how its better suited to the needs of modern living. Its a tremendous honour, and a reflection of how Spaces is striking the right chord with its Asian locations. 


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