The broker’s guide to... IWG’s brands

The broker’s guide to... IWG’s brands

What you need to know about the look, feel and appeal of IWG’s various brands, to offer the full spectrum of facilities, space and ambience to your clients

When a client comes to you in search of flexspace, there’s no one-space-fits-all solution. The needs of a multinational corporation will be completely different from those of a SME – and within those categories, budgets, functional requirements, size of space and even aesthetic needs will vary from business to business. The key benefit of partnering with IWG on flexspace solutions is that you’re working with a global provider, but with a spectrum of different signature brands to choose from, each covering a different business atmosphere and need.

Using IWG as a platform, you can offer a mix of these brands – from high-spec, traditional feeling office space to contemporary coworking environments – to meet the demand for different remote working locations, as we move into a growing age for hybrid working. With companies’ needs changing fast, your clients may not be limited to property managers; as how and where we work becomes a more people-centric issue, those sourcing office space now include HR directors, CFOs and even freshly-hired ‘workplace experience managers’. By getting to know the different strengths and offerings of IWG’s flexspace brands, you’re sure to find a compelling workspace proposition for everyone.


Founded in 1989, Regus has the broadest network and the most expertise in the flexible work arena - with locations over 1,000 towns and cities across 120 markets worldwide. Regus workspaces are located largely in central business districts, close to major transport hubs such as airports as well as more suburban locations. The company’s hallmark is consistency of offering and a professional environment throughout the world. In practice, it offers multiple options, including office working, coworking and drop-in lounges on a full-time, part-time and pay-as-you-go basis. All of Regus’ locations offer access to receptionist, business-grade WiFi, a dedicated telephone number and access to the global network. The ubiquitous nature of that network, and the ability to find a Regus location in virtually any important city, means the brand holds a strong appeal for clients whose people travel widely.


Founded in Amsterdam in 2006, Spaces is IWG’s more free-spirited brand, with a focus on coworking environments that also extends to private offices, meeting rooms and European-style business clubs. Designed to appeal to entrepreneurs and creatives, it now has centres in more than 400 locations – mostly the world’s key hubs for creativity and innovation, such as London, Singapore, Melbourne and Silicon Valley. As well as the usual crowd of small, agile startups, Spaces is increasingly drawing in big firms such as EY, CBRE and Deloitte, who want to capture some of that entrepreneurial spirit in its light, bright, lifestyle-influenced surroundings. The structure of Spaces is designed to give people freedom to work how they want to, inspired by a backdrop of classic art and design. For those who want networking, there’s a community programme of partnerships, professional events and hospitality. The ‘millennial’ vibe means bicycles, nature and digital nomads are all embraced, while extra-curricular additions include podcasts, boxing and yoga sessions.


HQ Global was born out of one of the original executive suites companies in 1962, and has subsequently become the biggest provider of its kind in the USA. It now has more than 150 locations worldwide – many in central business districts, well-connected to major transport links. Meeting rooms come as standard, but some centres have alluring extras, such as restaurants, business lounges, gyms and outside terraces. First and foremost, though, HQ is focused on enabling productivity: it caters for clients who want a no-nonsense approach to getting work done – whether they are a major corporation or a freelancer. It’s for clients who want to be assured there will be no tech issues, no admin holdups and that their people can be productive from the get-go. Space is efficient and functional, but with maximum flexibility built in – so clients can rent space for a day or a year, on a pay-as-you-go basis or on a range of monthly plans. There’s a membership option that allows you to move freely between locations, and an app to reserve and book.

More exclusive spaces

At the top end of the spectrum, No18 is a more elevated private members’ club, made up of design-first lounge spaces that cater to a more aspirational, affluent, lifestyle-focused client. Its locations – in Stockholm, Atlanta, Singapore and Ghent, with Berlin soon to be added – have sumptuous interiors with features ranging from soft leather Chesterfield sofas and wooden panelling to mood lighting and conversation-sparking artworks. Facilities can include concierge services, overnight stays and fine dining. The Clubhouse, with three exclusive London locations, is also a riff on the private members’ club.

No-nonsense workspaces

For clients searching for more down-to-earth, functional workspaces in regional locations, IWG has yet more options. Basepoint business centres are spread across southern England and Wales, and will best suit SMEs. Most cater for one to 100 people, and there’s a heavy accent on business support, with seminars, training, factsheets, networking and mentoring all on offer. In the Netherlands and Belgium, The Office Operators performs a similar role, providing office, flexspace, virtual offices and meeting rooms at 28 locations in 11 cities.

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