Community Investment

Global Reach. Local Impact.

We have a responsibility to the local communities of which we are a part. As a worldwide organisation, we constantly remember that for many we are a local business, located in numerous local areas. We believe that a local community-based approach will result in the strongest positive impact, both for our business and local communities.

There is a clear case for our engagement with local communities and efforts to improve their welfare, because we are a major source of business for the local community and it for us. We can help develop local business ecosystems – by recruiting and purchasing locally. This helps improve the local business environment, which then attracts other businesses to the area, some of which may decide to use our products and services. The deeper our engagement across multiple levels, the greater this symbiotic effect.

Forging sustainable relationships.

We want to build sustainable relationships with local communities in the areas of health, education and skills development, particularly as it relates to business creation.

We see this as an area in which we can leverage our core skills and infrastructure to create opportunities for society.

Through community investment, we aim to create the following impact:

  • Attract socially minded businesses to the area
  • Create local supply chain networks
  • Engage local talent in our communities
  • Provide our stakeholders with sustainable solutions
  • Help local communities, charities and social organizations across the globe

We strive to build relationships with all of our stakeholders – team members, customers, shareholders, property brokers and landlords, suppliers and the local communities we are a part of – encouraging each stakeholder to consider the needs of others and involve themselves in the programmes that are in place.

Our community activity takes into account the international context with an understanding that cultural diversity represents varying perceptions and needs across the globe. Our activities are tailored to reflect this diverse environment and ensure that they are culturally, socially, politically and economically adequate and do not negatively impact the company or community in the area.

What are we doing already?

Our team members use their time, talents and skills in all kinds of ways to help their local communities over the years. Supported by the business, and together with our stakeholders, they have achieved great things.

Thank you to our team members for helping us make a significant impact. We look forward to continuing our support and making a difference together in the years to come.

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