Property Investors

Join us in a fast-growth investment environment

Partnering with IWG gives you the opportunity to co-invest in flexible workspace – the fastest-growing sector of the global workplace market.

We’re confident that we’re the ideal partner for you to work with in this market. First, this is our core area of expertise. We’ve worked in the industry for over 30 years, and have consistently achieved returns significantly above those of traditional office investments.

Second, our massive reach and scale means we can find the best opportunities in the market.
And third, our range of workplace formats and geographies enables you to spread your risk across different customer segments, foreign exchange environments and more. In other words, you can precisely tailor the risk/reward structures with which you’re most comfortable.

So contact us today by email at to set up a no-obligation meeting to explore the potential for working together.

It may be just the start of a highly rewarding partnership.

“Above average growth, roughly double that of the economy as a whole, is expected in key sectors such as communications, information, professional, scientific and technical services, where use of serviced offices is most concentrated.”
Capital Economics Ltd: Serviced Offices: a new asset class