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IWG secures over 50m sq ft of office space as the ‘workspace revolution’ begins
 Significant growth sees operator of leading workspace providers reach global milestoneIWG believes growth reflects a tipping point in global attitudes to workspaceIWG, the global operator of leading workspace providers, has surpassed 50m sq ft of office space globally – reflecting soaring demand as ...
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Global research shows that flexible working is now a deal breaker in the war for talent
New research shows that 83% of workers around the world would turn down a job that didn’t offer flexible workingOver half (54%) of respondents say that having a choice of work location is more important to them than working for a prestigious companyAs a result, in the past ten years, 85% of business ...
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Marie-Stella-Maris develops productivity fragrance for Spaces
AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – Coworking provider Spaces and lifestyle brand Marie-Stella-Maris are co-launching a room spray that enhances productivity in the working environment. The fragrance is called No.10 Spirit de Travail (or spirit of work), pointing to Spaces’ unique approach to designing ins ...
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Flexible working will save businesses money, reduce costs and boost productivity, causing a ripple effect across entire economiesThe US could see an economic boost of as much as $4.5 trillion annuallyChina could see the greatest gross value add (GVA) increase of 193%A rise in flexible working also b ...
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