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From the first time steam train rolled over the railways of industrial England in early 1800s to the modern times when bullet trains carry thousands of passengers with incredible speeds and freight train carry substantial amount of worlds goods, trains enabled us to develop our civilization with unexpected consequences that nobody expected.

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Two most famous railway lines are 9,297 kilometers long Trans-Siberian Express which connects Moscow and Vladivostok, and off course first American railway line which connected their East and West Coast in 1866 (Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads).

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Train invention represent one of the most important times in the history of human expansion and development. Here you can find out all about that period of history, inventors that created them and the impact first trains had on us.

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If you ever wanted to find out more about long and eventful history of trains, steam engines, development of first metro system and worldwide railway systems, here is the best place to do so.