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Want to futureproof your business? Help your colleagues “can” their commute
Flexible working is fast becoming the new norm, but some businesses have yet to embrace it Professionals don’t want to commute anymore, and this hardly comes as a surprise. Commuting has been a sore topic for decades, but most have simply accepted it as the only way to land the best jobs with the be ...
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The Five Best European Countries for Start‑ups
When it comes to starting a new company today, the world really is your oyster. Matthew Jenkin looks at the benefits of setting up shop in Denmark, Romania, Estonia, Sweden and Lithuania Globalization and the rise of digital technologies mean it’s never been easier to start a business in a new count ...
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New research shows that 85 % of candidates prioritise jobs that offer flexible working
Businesses looking to build a skilled workforce are acting smart and going flexible There is no doubt that flexible workspace is rapidly becoming the new normal. According to IWG’s recent Global Workspace Survey, a staggering 85% of workers worldwide reveal they would prioritise a role that offered ...
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